Orce Nineski ArtistArtist: Orce Nineski

Born: 13 October, 1978

Graduation: University of Philosophy in Skopje, Macedonia with a B.A. in History of Art and Archaeology.

Master Degree: Modern History of Art

Current work: Full-time Artist

Artist Statement

In this work, the challenge of continuous artistic search and experimentation with all the risks it carries is crucial. This means constant change of themes, perspectives, and media, which is typical for every autodidact from the field of art history. Although everything is unpredictable and constantly in change, the urban utopia is always the bearer of the plot in the story.

Emphasizing the imperfection, my colored fields reflect the harmony and the balance which are achieved while searching for the elusiveness. In one part of my work I deconstruct the reality, reducing it to the associative core in which the pictorial sensations are articulated, and in another part by summarizing the visual experiences I try to highlight the objective realism. Clearly visible human presence is only a prelude to a different imaginary reality filled with anticipation of emptiness. The creative process doesn’t end in these works, but consciously manifests itself on the canvas and continues to be a witness of the transience and ephemerality of things and their fragile appearance.